Technology can be easy for everyone.

Bridging technology gaps through friendly one-on-one conversations.

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We are a group of volunteer graduate students who focus on bridging technology gaps through friendly one-on-one workshops. Ask us any questions you have about your smart phone, laptop, or tablet.

  • Be paired one-on-one with a patient volunteer
  • Ask any questions you have about technology.
  • Explore new tools and concepts with a knowledeable graduate student


Over the course of three consecutive Saturdays, each participant will be paired one-on-one with graduate students from CU to exchange knowledge and perspectives on today’s most relevant tools and topics. After getting to know each other, you and your grad student will work through efficient ways to apply various technologies to your life, interests and goals.


82% of older adults indicate needing some level of assistance using a new device (ie laptop, tablets, phones) -Pew Research Center

We believe in a world where no one is overwhelmed by technology. No one should feel like technology is smarter than them, or that becoming proficient with technology is out of reach.

There is huge opportunity in the cross-pollination of generations. In exchange for knowledge about technology, our student volunteers benefit immensely from the perspective of those outside of their generation. This is an untapped resource that will form lasting connections and generate new ideas that can change the world we live in.


Next date is to be announced! Contact us to recieve updates about future events.

Meet Ted

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Ted is a Cal Berkeley graduate and Junior High teacher for over 60 years.

I was given an iPad for my 90th birthday. When that moment came I knew nothing, so I turned to a millennial for help. My good friend Matt taught me so much that without his input I would still be struggling trying to figure out the intricacies and benefits that this new technology has, especially for someone my age. I now possess skills that allow me to do things I never could even imagine were possible. I encourage any person to break down the barriers that hold us back from learning the opportunities new technology can have for us, and to take advantage of this workshop” -Ted Boyce

Ted inspired this workshop. At age 95, he was able to learn the basics of his iPad and now uses it on a daily basis to video chat friends and family, stay organized, and listen to music.

Let the GenerationExchange show you how technology can enhance your life.

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